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Spray Paint Booth

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Spray Paint Booth is essential for painting application from the point of view of the health of operator as well as the finish of the components painted. The Spray Paint Booth provides fresh clean air to the operator at his breathing level without causing nuisance or health hazard. .

Apcon Spray Paint Booths are available in Dry Type and Water Wash Type models.

The Dry type Spray Painting Booth employs Paper Media/Paint Arrestance Media Filters arranged in an Array to block the Paint particles suspended in air and the filtered air is expelled in the atmosphere. There are fans mounted on the roof of the Booth creating suction pressure sufficient to forcefully circulate the air through Filters

The Water Wash type Spray Booth comes with a Static Water tank and alternatively with Water Curtain. Apcon has expertise of designing Side Draft and Down draft Spray Painting Booths. Apcon has a installed a large array of Spray Booths suitable across various industries.

Apcon also installed Pressurized Booth on client requests whereby suitable arrangement is made for both Spray Painting and Drying needs of the Products. The Pressurization is achieved thru Supply Air Fan (Ventilation fan) that supplies air thru Air Grilles or Roof Filters installed at suitable location creating a Pressurization effect. The Exhaust would be carried out by an Exhaust Fan that would exhaust paint infused air thru the Dual Stage Filters and would throw out clean air thru suitable Ducts connected to Fan outlet.

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