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Centrifugal Blower

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Apcon manufactures wide range of centrifugal fans and blowers in terms of capacity and static pressure to cater to applications like ventilation, Fume exhaust, Dust extraction , pneumatic transport, ID/FD fans for Boiler and allied applications. The fans selections are based on parameters like

  • • Type of applications
  • • Air Quantity Requirements
  • • Static Pressure
  • • Drop Temperature

Further, Apcon Blowers are also determined based on the site Conditions and due importance is given to the following

  • • Type of applications
  • • Air Quantity Requirements


The Direction of rotation is determined from driving side of fan and Direction of Discharge is determined in accordance with diagrams.


Arrangement A Arrangement  C
Motor is placed on a pedestal & blower wheel is mounted directly on the motor shaft. Same as arrangement B with extended pedestal to mount blower and motor, to have direct coupling.
Arrangement B Arrangement D
Blower wheel is cantilevered on an extended shaft supported by two bearings on one side and motor is usually connected by V-belts Blower wheel is mounted on a shaft with bearings on either side.

Apcon make Centrifugal Fans are manufactured across a wide range of impellor size varying from 200 mm to 2250 mm diameter, with the pressure ranging from 40mm to 1000mm WG. The following Table Classifies Apcon Centrifugal Fan Series including Limit Load Series.

Series Name Fans Pressure Air Volume CMH Applications
Limit Load and Low pressure Series APLL LBAP LSAP Upto 100mm wg 250000 Ventilation Pressurizing (clean rooms)Evaporative Air Cooling
Medium Pressure Series LMBA/LMSA/MMBA/MMRA/MMSA Upto 500mm wg 200000 Fume Exhaust Dust Extraction
High Pressure Series HMBA/HMRA/HMSA/ HHBA/HHSA Upto 1000mm wg 100000 Dust Extraction Pneumatic Conveying