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There have been Significant Upbeat in the Mood in the Indian Industry with Government of India focusing on the “Make in India” campaign...



Apcon has been working towards giving the Right Solution to the Customers thus enhancing Customer Satisfaction...



Apcon has been setup in the Year 1986 by Technocrats with Strong Background in the field of Air Handing Equipments. The Company has a Wide Range of Equipments that includes ...



Apcon believes in excellent relationships with Clients, Employees and Vendors. Apcon has retained a significant number of Employees over several decades thus helping with the good name that has been Etched by Apcon in the Market...


APCON Projects & Systems

Kitchen Exhaust System

Kitchen Exhaust system is mandatory for all the hotel kitchens and restaurants to remove Odor, fumes and the heat produced while cooking which has to be taken care of to make kitchen a pleasant working area. Apcon design for Kitchen exhaust system uses Low Pressure, High volume fans with custom sized ducts and suitable Hood Arrangements. The Hoods come with grease Filters where Oil or Grease from vapors are filtered and collected.

Dust Proofing System(Clean Rooms)

Apcon has undertaken large turnkey Projects for dust proofing work for large industrial assembly areas for Automobile, Electronics and Allied Industries.

Apcon Air Handling Unit (AHU) is constructed with a wide choice of design, capacity and materials. It comprises of centrifugal fan, pre-filter, fine filters and Hepa Filters fine filter. Its capacity ranges up to 200,000 CMH.

Evaporative Cooling System

Apcon Evaporative Cooling system adapts cellulose cooling pads with exclusive cross fluted configuration for maximum efficiency. Evaporative air cooling is a cost effective natural process of comfort ventilation system and can be designed for wide range of air volumes.

Dust Extraction and Storage System

Apcon provides dust extraction solution for various types of industries with a customized design. The various dust collectors options are include Fabric Bag Filter.

Dust Collection Systems and Cyclonic Separator type Dust Collection System.

Apcon has a design team to arrive at cost effective customized solutions against specific projects for any layout. Apcon also has designed systems that include pneumatically conveying the Dust discharged to Storage Silos for temporary storage.

Fume Exhaust System

Most Industries with latest machines liberates hazardous gases and fumes to the surrounding areas which are required to be pumped out of the living space through ducting and chimneys. These are Blowers/Exhaust fans that help suck the fumes/gases thru suction hoods/filters and filtered air sent out to atmosphere. Apcon has designed and executed a number of Fume exhaust systems that find varied scope in Electrical, Electronics, Automobile and Kitchen Exhaust System and amongst other industries.